Windows Hosting is comming soon. All Hosting Plan Are Also Available On Monthly, Quarterly And Semi-Annually.

Windows Hosting is comming soon. All Hosting Plan Are Also Available On Monthly, Quarterly And Semi-Annually.

Terms & Conditions

Money Back Guarantee: or any of its representative does not offer any money back guarantee in any case for any plan.

Acceptance of Policy: You will always be required to accept our policy before purchasing any product / service from our website. You’re advised to please read the terms carefully mentioned here before purchasing any service / product from our website.

For Student Plans: Anyone without submitting the proof of identity of student can buy available student plans from our website, however please note that it is to be used only for learning purpose of basics of html only. Please note that the plans mentioned under student plan category is not to be used to any hobby / blogging / news / marketing / audio / video / e-mailing / promotional or business activity, If found shall be suspended / terminated immediately and no money shall be refunded.

Business Plans: Apart from VPS & student plans, all remaining plans fall under business category of hosting. It clearly does not mean that they are unrestricted in any means or any activity can be done on it. They are the most suitable for start-ups, small & medium businesses with less than 500 traffic / visitors per day at the max for plans above 5,000 INR per year and less than 100 traffic / visitors per day for plans below 4,999 INR per year.

Change in domain name for hosting account: If you’ve placed a hosting order but somehow made a spelling mistake / wrong domain name then you can request a change of domain name for your hosting account within maximum of 8hours from the purchase date & time, and the same will be rectified / updated in your account within next 24hours. However any request received after the mentioned time will not be entertained and be rejected.

Domain Registration: We have proudly partnered with Namesilo for domain name registrations, however please note that order once paid cannot be changed. No request related to change in domain name will be accepted in any case. A user is required to verify / update as asked for by namesilo from time to time, failing to do so may lead to suspension of the domain name.

Change in Pricing & Plans: The price for domains & hosting plans may change anytime as per our company requirements, However if you’ve already purchased a plan, you will not be asked to pay extra in any case. This may only be applicable on renewals or on purchase of new domain / hosting plans.

CMS General Policy: As part of web hosting package, we offer a wide range of CMS based scripts powered by Softaculous, however we advice everyone to use originally supplied files in form of plugins & themes directly from developer as using plugins / themes which are tempered, nulled or containing any unwanted code; will lead to suspension of your account and the files shall be deleted immediately by our virus & malware protection tool and in such case we shall hold no responsibility towards your account or money back.

Malware Protection: We have partnered with Imunify360 which is a leading Firewall, Anti-Malware plugin powered by Cloudlinux. On detection of any file which is corrupted / tempered or looks suspicious shall immediately be deleted by the plugin for better safety and protection of your account and website.

Load Monitor: Despite of the hosting plan you have purchased, your website always need to be optimized for loading speed, cache etc and should remain below maximum of 500kb of page size with a maximum request of 30 as per . In case of CMS like wordpress – use of automated plugins like WordPress Automatic, WP Auto, Content Pilot or any of such types are strictly prohibited. Your account may lead to termination in case, any such application / software / plugin including any code / application or plugin which runs automatically in the background is found.

Email Usage: We may offer some specific, restricted or unrestricted number of email accounts with our hosting plan however please note that hourly limited of sending emails from each account (hosted website) is set to 50 for smooth functioning of your website and server. Any account sending more than 50 emails per hour shall be suspended.

Revision of Policy / Terms: reserves the right to change the terms of usage and privacy policy without any notification any time. You’re advised to please keep on checking this page to know the recent changes / updates in our policies.

Backup Policy: in any case is not solely responsible for backup of your files / emails or any data being uploaded on our server. However we generate a backup for an extreme situations where in case failure of server or major technical issue arises and in such case the backup generated can be restored. The backup (if applicable) generated by us cannot be downloaded but only be restored on request received by the registered user via ticket from the member’s dashboard. You’re always advised to generate a backup and download on your local system to be always safe.

Firewall & Malware Protection: We have partnered with Imunify360 which is well known for offering firewall & malware protection.

Server Down Time / Up Time: We always work very hard to keep our server up by 99.97%. However as it is a technical projection hence no guarantee can be offered for the same.

Support Timings: Our support timings as on 1st April 2021 are 24hours for Email, Phone & Chat Support from 10Am to 8PM. Please note that our support ways & timings can be changed anytime without any direct notification / update.

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Be your own boss by reselling hosting plans to your clients.

Be your own boss by reselling hosting plans to your clients.

Windows Hosting is comming soon. All Hosting Plan Are Also Available On Monthly, Quarterly And Semi-Annually.